Broken Windshield Repair

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Georgia Auto Glass specializes in broken windshield repair and other types of automotive glass repair. Our technicians know that small cracks and chips in the windshield of a car can seem like a minor issue. However, this should not be the case. If left untreated, these minor cracks and chips can quickly turn dangerous for you and your passengers.

It is possible to quickly replace a cracked or broken windshield for almost any car, large vehicle, and RVs. Our team is specially equipped to save time and money on replacing your damaged windshield. Take a look at our list of the three most common causes of broken windshields below.

The Three Most Common Causes Of Broken Windshields

1. Driving on a Gravel Road

When you drive on a road covered in gravel or other debris, your car could toss the gravel into the air. This gravel can impact your windshield with far greater force than you could imagine causing cracks and chips.

2. Driving Behind Construction Vehicles

Construction vehicles often have debris caked onto them. This means that dirt, rocks, tools, and other materials could fall off of them and into your windshield. Keep a safe distance if you see any construction vehicles ahead.

3. Accidents

You probably already knew that a car accident could break your windshield. However, Smaller accidents can also damage your windshield as well. Small fender benders could unseat the window or create cracks along the edges of the windshield. Children playing sport in a yard or throwing rocks could potentially hit your windshield as well.

Testing To Determine If You Need Windshield Replacement

While you can't always tell by just looking if the damage to your window is just a scratch or a crack, you can get an idea of what you are dealing with by touching it. Short of having a very deep scratch, your fingernail won't get caught when dragged across them. Most cracks run deeply through the glass in your damaged windshield and will often cause your fingernail to become caught in the seam between the crack.

There are several dangers to driving with a cracked windshield. First, and probably one of the more obvious is that once a window is cracked it is much easier to break. This can lead to larger chunks of glass and or debris being able to penetrate the window in the event of an accident. One of the less obvious reasons that driving with a damaged windshield is dangerous is because the side of the crack can reflect light. This can cause the driver of the vehicle to become distracted and could potentially cause a crash.

Repairing Broken Windshields In Alpharetta, Duluth, and Cumming Georgia

Our team has been replacing broken windshields in Alpharetta and the surrounding areas of Georgia For years. We can not only save you the hassle of having to clean up a broken windshield but can save you time and money in the process as well. It is absolutely critical that you have your broken windshield replaced as soon as possible. It has been proven that vehicles with damaged glass are much more likely to have passengers with sever injuries.

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